Whitsunday Islands


These last few days were fantastic! I finally got myself on to the water for a significant amount of time and it was amazing.

Near Airlie Beach are 74 islands, commonly referred to as the Whitsunday Islands. There are great snorkeling opportunities and beautiful beaches, so I decided to do an overnight trip in order to make the most of my time here.  It was 2 day and 2 nights, and wonderful.

My boat was Broomsticks, which has 19 passengers and 3 crew.


Our first stop was to False Nara, for our first snorkel! I had never been snorkeling before so I was excited.  In this particular location the coral was quite close to the top of the water, so I actually felt a bit claustrophobic at times (you can’t touch the coral), but it was still pretty cool. I’m also so glad I got a waterproof camera before coming!

And then we set sail to Hook Passage where we stayed that night.

When you’re on the sea, the sun is your clock, so we were all up nice and early.

We were actually on our way to land for the only time during the trip.  Whitehaven Beach is well known for being stunning with the finest grains of sand, so we headed that way.  There’s a lookout about the beach, so we went there first for beautiful sweeping views before spending a few hours at the beach. We arrived at low tide, so the beach changed dramatically over the hours we were there, with the high tide slowly coming in and taking up more and more beach space.

Our next stop was Blue Pearl Bay where we went snorkeling again! This time was so much better as there were fish all around.  Very very nice.

We then moved on to Langford Reef, our 3rd snorkel.  This water was very shallow, so I decided to rest on the boat instead. This turned out to be good, as some fish even came right up to our boat!

And then we were sailing to Stonehaven, were we anchored ourselves for the night.

Our last day we went snorkeling at Caves Cove, and then sadly, it was time to go back to the mainland.