We spent the morning in Wanaka – Janetta went for a walk along the water and I relaxed on the beach with a good book.

Then it was time to move on to Queenstown.  One of our shorter drives (only about an hour), the views were spectacular.

As soon as we got to Queenstown we checked in, got lunch, and met up with a Lord of the Rings tour (I know, I know, another LOTR tour). This one took us to Glenorchy and Paradise, which includes locations such as Lothlorien, Mordor, Edoras and more.

And of course there were hobbit cloaks and swords available.

After the tour we got some ice cream and walked around the lake before heading back to the hostel.

We’re going to Milford Sound tomorrow, so that’s going to be an early start and a late end.


Yesterday we drove for 6 hours from Abel Tasman to Fox Glacier.  And today we were leaving the glacier to go to Wanaka and it was a beautiful day!

There was a lookout to the actual glacier (and Mount Tasman and Cook), so we dropped by before leaving town.

And then we were actually on our way to Wanaka (my favourite place in New Zealand, with Nelson as a close second). It was a stunning drive, so I took some pictures as we went along.

Just outside of Wanaka is an amazing place called Puzzling World. Inside is filled with illusions and outside is a giant 3D maze.  We thought we would beat the maze in record time and we did not.  But we still made it to all 4 towers and out, so I’ll take that as a success.

And then we were in Wanaka! A triathlon was just finishing when we arrived so we saw lots of runners slowly jogging as we walked around the lake.