Murano and Burano

For our second day in Venice, we decided to head to the islands of Murano and Burano, known for their glass making and lace respectively.

In Murano we saw some glassmaking exhibits (which I particularly enjoyed since I had taken some glassmaking classes in Toronto), went through the glass museum, and checked out a bunch of churches (on top of buying many souvenirs).

From here we headed to Burano, which is known for its lace and houses painted in bright colours.  My mom loved it here! We get a few pieces of lace for my grandma, but just generally explored the island.

Venice, Day 1

And then it was time to move on!  I hadn’t been to Italy on my travels, so mom and I decided to tackle Venice and Rome.

I loved Venice. I like being on the water, and the winding paths that you could explore for days. I just felt at home. Plus the gelato was delicious.

I hadn’t really planned what we were going to do here, but when we came across the Doge’s Palace, it seemed like a great first stop.

Venice (28)

And for the rest of the day we just did our own exploring, and ate gelato at every opportunity.