And suddenly I’m home again! On the plane ride home I was definitely ready to hop on another flight and start a new adventure, but after 161 days away it will be nice to have some comforts of home again.  I’m not sure when I’ll have another trip like this, but I hope to have some smaller (but just as interesting!) trips soon – fingers crossed!



It was time for a mini-Ireland reunion!  Janetta moved to Toronto in January for 6 months (which was amazing), so Kate couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see two of us at the same time!

We had two full days together, and it was glorious. Each day started with brunch (my first real brunches in the city!) and included a LOT of walking.  We went to the AGO then walked down Queen St West to Roncesvalles, and then walked along the lake all the way back to the city centre.  We went to the aquarium, Steam Whistle Brewery, and thoroughly explored Kesington Market. And we even pulled out the Toronto Walks book I’d been gifted by Lise and discovered some things in the downtown core that I didn’t know about.

Pictures are few (all taken by Kate which explains why she’s not in most of them), but memories last forever.


I had another visitor! One of my closest friends from Ireland, Kate, was coming up to Toronto just to visit!

I was still in school full time, but we still managed to do some sight seeing. Thursday night, we saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream through Shakespeare in the Park. (It was fantastic, not that any y’all had any doubts about that).


On Friday, Kate went to Niagara Falls, and then we met with another Torontonian from Ireland, Manfred, for dinner. And also made sure Kate got herself some Timmies.

Our full day of adventuring was Saturday, and our first stop had to be the Islands! It was a beautiful day, and I hadn’t been since I was a kid.

We decided to do some more touristy stuff. I anticipated many more visits from Kate, so it would be nice get it out of the way now and do less touristy stuff on future visits.  So, obviously, our next stop was the CN Tower.

Whenever my family goes to the CN Tower, we eat in the restaurant. We do this firstly for the view, but secondly so we don’t have to wait in line to get up.

I thought she’d love the distillery district, and I’m always down to spend time there.

We made sure to go by Kensington Market and walk through UofT, and just generally had a full day exploring the city.