We were moving on to Tekapo from Dunedin, but I had one pitstop to make on the way: the Moeraki Boulders!


Situated on the clearest, most beautiful lake, and the very photographed Church of the Good Shepherd, there were plenty of beautiful walks for us to do in Tekapo.

But what I was most excited for was stargazing! Tekapo is one of few dark sky cities, where there isn’t any light pollution blocking you from seeing the stars.  It’s one of the top places around the world for astronomy, and we booked a tour.  This was the first time I wished I had a dslr camera, so that I could actually show you what I saw.  On top of amazing constellations like Orion and the Southern Cross, we were able to see the milky way with our own eyes.  With the help of a telescope we could clearly see the lines on Jupiter, and so much more.  It was phenomenal. They took a group photo of us, which I will add here once it’s available.

Today we hiked back up to the Mount John Observatory where we were last night, and got to see some great views of Lake Tekapo and the city itself.

We are currently checked in to the cutest little bed and breakfast (on a working farm, with gorgeous mountain views).  It’s a very nice change from dorm rooms in hostels.

Tomorrow we’re off to Christchurch for our last few days!