Today we made our way onto Lake Taupo. It was nice to be on the lake, but one of the draws of this particular cruise was to see some Maori rock carvings. Now, my limited research made it seem like these were thousands of years old. Instead they were about 80 years old, and was a bunch of guys carving these rocks for their grandmother. It took them 3 years to finish, and it is cool, but not quite as historical as I imagined.

And then we got in to car and made our way to National Park Village to prepare for a long hike tomorrow.


Our destination today was Taupo, another beach town.  Mom and I drove through Taupo on our way from Auckland to Wellington and it looked lovely, so I was excited to spend some actual time here.

We stopped at Huka Falls on the way, which I learned is New Zealand’s most photographed place.

We went for a small hike along either side of the river, which was lovely.

And then we made it to Taupo! We’re going to do a boat cruise tomorrow, but for today we walked along the very big Lake Taupo.