Hervey Bay

I choose to make Hervey Bay my base for the Fraser Island trip. I got in the night before Fraser Island but the sun had set so I didn’t get a chance to look around at all.  This morning I went for a stroll and checked out the lovely pier that provides a lookout to the land and sea.

Other than that, I’m spending my day enjoying the hostel grounds and preparing for my overnight bus tonight.


I was catching a bus to Hervey Bay this afternoon, but since I’m an early riser I still had plenty of time to explore a little further.  There’s a coastal walk from Noosa’s Main Beach to beaches along the sunshine coast.

Now it was extremely hot outside (we’re talking high 30s), so I walked up and down hills til Devil’s Point, then slowly made my way back into town.  The surf festival was still happening, so I got to watch some actual surfing along the way.

I still had a few hours left before I had to leave, so I hopped on the ferry and took a ride down the Noosa River.

And then it was time to go! I was off to Hervey Bay to prepare for my 2 day trip to Fraser Island.


I bused to Noosa this morning.  I only had 1 full day (half today and half tomorrow), but I’d heard really nice things about Noosa so I was excited to have some time here.

After checking in, we were told there was a surf festival running down on Main Beach, so I went to check it out.  As soon as I got there it started pouring rain and everyone ran for shelter (funny enough, most were in their bathing suits). Thankfully it didn’t last long, and I was able to walk along the beach before finding a good spot to catch the event we were all waiting for – dog surfing! Literally these people bring their dogs on board, and the dogs love it!  When they get near the shore they run straight back on the board rather than onto the sand. It was the coolest thing to watch.

The next event was pretty cool too – everyone was in costume.  Fun to watch!

After that it was a hangout in the hostel for their free bbq.