Quebec City, Day 4

The rest of our time was spent in the city itself. We started Day 4 at the Citadelle of Quebec, an active military installation and official residence of the Governor General of Canada.  We also happened to witness the changing of the guard.

Our next stop was a tour of parliament, and lunch in their cafeteria.

We wandered through the old city for the rest of the afternoon, and then did a ghost tour at night.  I’ll admit, I was jumpy by the end.

Quebec City, Day 3

We also did a half-day trip on Wednesday.  My aunt and uncle kept telling me about this waterfall they had been too, so mom and I decided to do a little more exploring outside the city.

The tour started with the traditional villages and farms of the Beauport Coast. We stopped by the Chocolaterie de l’Ile d’Orléans, a really delicious ice cream chocolate shop on the Île d’Orleans, and bought enough treats to keep us full for the rest of the day.

Next up was the Cuivres D’Art Albert Gilles, a family run copper art museum, where I got some stunning handmade earrings.

My aunt recommended we go to the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, which was next. It is believed the miracles are performed at the basilica. There was a garden out front, which was nice, and the basilica itself was massive.

But what we were most excited for was Montmorency Falls.  There’s a cable car that will take you up and down, or you can climb. We decided to take the car up and walk down, so to have most time to spend at the top.

There’s various platforms levels you can go on to see the falls.There’s a wooden bridge over the falls that I couldn’t get mom to step on.  But I did get her on the side platform.  And of course there was the view from the bottom.

If we had a little more time we might have eaten lunch at the restaurant at the top of the falls, but this way it meant we would actually have some more time to explore Quebec City itself.

We decided to spend some time in the Lower Town, just wandering around and checking out various artisan shops.

And in order to get a good view of the Château Frontenac, we took the ferry to Levis and back.  For $6 each, it was totally worth it.

Quebec City, Day 2

On day 2 we got far out of the city to go whale watching! Rather than rent a car and drive to Baie-Sainte-Catherine, we did a day trip and it was fantastic. It was a full day, but totally worth it. It’d been awhile since I’d been on a boat but we both had a great time.

We even saw a few whales, including a family of Belugas! Plus the scenery was gorgeous even when there were no whales around. We just had to adjust to the cold.

Quebec City, Day 1

Yep, I definitely got my mom into travel.  She loved Ireland and Chicago trips so much that she wanted to make them an annual event, which is more than fine with me. My aunt and uncle had gone to Quebec City last year and sang its praises, so we decided to go there for a few days.

Mom loved Chicago, but it was hard for her to get back home on Monday and have to start work on Tuesday, so this time we decided to do a Monday – Friday trip instead.

By the time we arrive on Monday, there wasn’t much time to do a lot, so we did my mom’s favourite activity and hopped on a bus tour to get situated.