My dear friend Aidan, who I met in Ireland but is from BC, was going to be in Ottawa for work, so I went up for a short visit.

Aidan wasn’t arriving until around 6 on Saturday night, so I bused up during the day and amused myself at the Rideau Centre until she arrived.  She arrived just as the mall closed (perfect timing), and we went down to the Byward Market for dinner.  One of my best friends went to university in Ottawa, so I had a vague recollection of where everything is from my visit while she was in school.

The cool spot to go on a Saturday night in Ottawa is obviously parliament (no, but really) so we walked that way, stopping by the canal for a quick pic.


I’m really excited.

Parliament was all lit up, and there were crowds of people watching it, so we stayed for a while.

This became pretty boring really fast, so we just kept on walking.  We heard music playing in the distance, so decided to fine it. We ended up in Quebec at a bluesfest. Neither of us were super interested in staying so we turned around and walked back to Ottawa.

On our way past parliament we realized the light on the building has turned into a history of Canada, so we stayed until the end of the show. I told you parliament was the place to be!

Aidan was going to be at work all day Sunday, so we split up pretty early, and I caught the bus home.  It was a long journey for just a few hours together, but it’s not often that I get to see her, so I’ll take any opportunity when we’re geographically close.