Oroville to Seattle

It was pretty sad to leave Oroville, where we had such a nice time in our little beach front cottage.

We went up to Cam’s parents cottage for a post-wedding brunch, and then had to head back to Seattle as Kate and Janetta were both flying home tonight.  I couldn’t get a flight til tomorrow, so I dropped my luggage off at the airport, packed a small bag with everything I’d need for a night, and headed into the city..


Mount Rainier in the distance

I only had one night, so I figured I’d hit the basics: Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Space Needle tonight, and Pike Place Market in the morning.

I could have spent a full day with Chihuly’s creations.  I have such an appreciation for glasswork, having taking some beginner’s classes, so this became my favourite museum ever.

The Space Needle was okay too.

The next morning I woke up bright and early to check out the Pike Place Market before my flight.  I think I got there a bit too early, but I’m sure I’ll be back someday.

And suddenly my time was up. It flew by, but I’d say my first venture to the west coast was a success.


Today was the day of the wedding! It wasn’t until the afternoon, and it was going to be at the resort we were staying at, so we had some time to check out the town of Oroville. There was a farmer’s market, vintage stores, a cute little town square, and some wineries.

We went for a wine tasting (why not?) and then made our way back to Veranda Beach to get ready for the big event.

It was beautiful.  The ceremony, the venue, and somehow the three of us ended up wearing complimentary bright colours. It was so lovely to be there to celebrate such an important day with our friends.


SF to Seattle to Oroville

One of Janetta’s friends from university had moved to San Francisco a few years ago, so he took us out last night for dinner and then invited us to join him at his friend’s birthday party in the Castro District. We had a fantastic time, but it certainly wasn’t conductive to waking up early this morning.

And when I saw early I mean early.  We had to be at the airport by 5 am in order to catch our flight to Seattle, where we’d meet Kate, pick up our car, and drive about 5 hours to Oroville for Aidan and Cam’s wedding.


But we made it.  I was pretty sad to be leaving SF, but excited to have our mini-Ireland reunion. We plotted our route while waiting for Kate’s flight to arrive in Seattle, and then off we went!  We arrived in Oroville later that night, just in time to order food at the resort restaurant before they closed.

Oroville is really lovely.  Cam’s family has a cottage up here, which is why they chose this spot to get married. It’s just south of Kelowna, and absolutely stunning.  We were staying at Veranda Beach, a 1950s themed resort, which rents out little cottages on the water, has a pool, and would be hosting the wedding. If I could, I’d go there every year.

Continued access to a place like this might even be enough to turn me into an outdoorsy person.  Seriously this place has it all.