Our final day in Barcelona took us a little outside of the city to Montserrat, a beautiful Benedictine monastery, set in a mountain. History and stunning views, what more could you ask for!

During the train ride, and I ended up sitting across from a doctor from Mount Sinai and his wife.  I’d met Canadians throughout my trip, but I really wasn’t expecting this! After the train ride, we took a cable car  and then proceeded to hike three hours to get to the top of the mountain.

At this point we spent a little bit of time around the entry way, before splitting up.  For you see, I was going to take the cable car a little higher, while my friends were going to hike.  This gave me enough time to do an additional little hike to the Ermita de Sant Joan.

And then the real hiking began.

After climbing up (and down!) many mountains, we took a look inside the beautifully preserved monastery.

Its safe to say I passed out on the train ride back to Barcelona. Which was good, because we had an early wake up the next morning to catch our flight to Istanbul.