Yesterday morning we got on a train and drove through Austria, Germany, and Luxembourg to get to Switzerland.  Switzerland wasn’t originally on my list, but when Zoe said she was going to go and visit family after Austria, Ashley and I were quick to invite ourselves along.

Our Swiss trip started with 24 hours in Lucerne.Zoe gave us the unofficial tour yesterday, and boy this place is lovely.

We decided to do an official walking tour this afternoon, so this morning we rented some paddle boats and got on the water! Of course, there were also real boats in the water who kept instructing us to move out of their way, so while it wasn’t relaxing it sure was fun.

And then we went around town again. Towards the end of the tour we were up near the remains of the old city wall and I took a selfie.  At that point I realized I wasn’t wearing my necklace!  The second last stop of the tour, the lion monument, was near our hostel so I rushed over to do a search.  Of course it was in the very last place I looked, but at least I found it!

After the tour we made our way to the train station, and went off to Bern where we would be staying with Zoe’s Aunt and Uncle.