We had to stop traveling at the beginning of May because it was exam time. Somehow, I’m not sure exactly, we all passed all our classes.  There wasn’t much time to study, what with all the travelling, but we made it!

Which meant it was time for our next adventure.  I was going to be travelling for the next 2 weeks with Janetta, Aidan, Cam & Kate, spend a month traveling alone, and then meet my mom for two weeks. All in all, it came out to exactly 2 months (and 8 countries) of non-stop travel.

Our first stop was to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

I had never planned on going to Portugal, but I couldn’t say no when my friends asked me to join.  We only stayed in Lisbon for one day, but we packed as much in as possible.  From castle views to hanging out by the water, it was a perfect intro day.

Also, custard tarts really are better in Portugal.