I departed Iquitos and the gang early this morning to catch my flight to Lima.  They’d be flying to Lima tomorrow, but since my flight home left at midnight, I needed to spend half a day in Lima to make it on time.

I had a great view of the Amazon during the flight – I missed it while napping on my way in.


One of the best decisions I made was to get a hostel.  I paid for a bed, even though I wasn’t going to stay overnight, so I wouldn’t have to carry my stuff all day, and would have a place to relax.  Seriously, well worth the few dollars it cost.

Unsurprisingly, I spent my day shopping.  They have a gorgeous three-story outdoor mall and I loved it immensely. But I also went to the local markets to find handcrafted gifts.  In fact, I bought so much stuff that I was forced to get a huge duffel bag to fit all my goods in.  But it was mostly packed with handmade alpaca blankets for friends and family so I didn’t feel too bad about the amount of stuff I purchased.

The mall is actually located on a cliff, and when it’s not too windy you can parasail of it.  I was done with being adventurous, but it was fun to see people basically flying off the cliff.

And that was it! I packed all my new stuff, went to the airport, and slept on a plane for 9 hours. And then I was home, and ready to relive my adventures from a safe distance.