Koh Lanta: 4 Island Tour

For my 4 island tour off Koh Lanta I decided to give a speedboat a try, for something different.  This worked out in my favour, as it rained on and off today and we were much more protected in the speed boat than in a longtail boat.

Our first stop today was for some snorkelling at Koh Chuek.

Our next stop was pretty cool! We swam through the Emerald Cave at Koh Mook to get to a beautiful and secluded beach! We also had the perfect timing – we had some time at the beach before the huge crowds of people started coming in.  The cave itself is completely pitch dark except for the light at the entrance and exit which causes an emerald hint to the water.  So our guides had to go ahead and shine a light in the cave so we knew where to go.

I did get my first jellyfish sting here – but it was just a very very small one that didn’t hurt for too long.

Next up was Koh Kradan, where we also stopped for our picnic lunch. Very beautiful and very big! I had a nice sit on the beach where I read some Margaret Atwood – my perfect afternoon.

Our last stop was at Koh Ngai, which was my favourite snorkel spot in Thailand. For the first time in all my trips, we were the only boat at this location, which made such a difference (plus there were lots of fish)!

I got back to the resort just in time to watch the sunset over the beach, which was so magical.

Tomorrow my only plan is to take the ferry back to Krabi, and prepare for my early morning flight to Bangkok.  Hard to believe I only have a few more days in Thailand/Asia!

Koh Lanta

I knew in order to complete my full Thai experience, I’d have to log in some time on an island.  I had only heard great things about Koh Lanta, so choose that as my stop for two nights – and have zero regrets!

The ferry ride was long, at around 3 hours, but the distance was also nice as I got further and further away from the touristy towns. (I spent most of my ferry time sleeping, so you don’t get many pictures).

My wonderful resort, Lanta Sand Resort, picked me up from the pier, and I had a great afternoon relaxing by the beach and one of their many pools.