Back in 2007, I got my G2 drivers license because a friend was planning a trip to Buffalo and at the time, you didn’t need a passport to cross the border, just a piece of ID.  That trip never panned out, but now you know why I got my driver’s license.

Fast forward 7 years, and I was finally going to go to Buffalo for my shopping trip.  Some close friends just got full-time jobs, and it was time to stock up on some semi-professional clothes on sale.

I have no pictures of this weekend, but thought it still important to note that I’ve been across the border.  We went to the Walden Galleria, stayed at a very sketchy motel (I did my best to ignore the stains on the bedspread), and had unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden.  Pretty much a standard Buffalo weekend, or so I’ve been told.

We had a quick stop at the falls, because Ashley had never been, and then we continued on our way, purchases in hand.