Australia Zoo

For my last day around Brisbane I decided to go to the Australia Zoo.  Set up by Steve Irwin and his family, his name and face are all over the zoo, including videos and statues.  He was so passionate about animal conservation, and it shows – plus you get to see some of the crocs he caught.

You also have the opportunity to go to the adjacent wildlife hospital, which was a very heartwarming experience.


For my second day in Brisbane I spent the day exploring the South Bank.  It’s where all the museums are, and is really kept up quite nicely.  I found lots of places to relax, a rainforest walk, and a pool to cool off in (since you can’t actually swim in the open water).

They have a free ferry service in the downtown area, so I used that to get around, and they read for a bit in their botanic gardens.  And because it had been so long since I had been in a big city I checked out their shopping district (and enjoyed being in air condition again!).


From Christchurch Janetta and I split; she went back to Sydney to finish her Masters, and I headed straight to Brisbane to continue my Australian adventures.

I found a free historical walking tour, so spent my morning wondering through the city, and admiring their architecture and dedication to art. They had destroyed many of their historical buildings before realizing they should be preserved, so the remaining ones are heritage sites and new developments are required to spend a proportionate amount of money on art projects in and around their development.

From here I joined the hop on hop off bus tour.  There’s two routes, and I choose the one that went to the Mount Coot-Tha lookout first, as the sun was still shining (and not the forecasted rain).


And then I was on the regular bus for another tour around the city.

All in all, I liked Brisbane a lot more than I expected, and was excited to be here for a few more days.