Airlie Beach

I had one last day in Airlie Beach today, so I went along the water in the direction of the marina.  But it was too hot to do much else, so I spent some time at the hostel as well, to prepare for my last overnight bus.

Hard to believe I only have 3 weeks left in Australia!

Airlie Beach

It was a long 14 hour overnight bus to get to Airlie Beach, but it was really cute.  My favourite place along the coast so far!

I arrived in town pretty early, so started my day with a walk along the water.

And then I got ready to spend a day in the water.  You can’t swim in the ocean because of dangerous animals, but they have a lovely pool right beside it, which is where I settled in for the day.


I also wandered around town (I had to buy a new hat as I lost mine earlier), and came back to the water to watch the sun set.