I first got bit by the travel bug when I was 11. My grandparents took my to Malta for the summer, and I figured out that I loved discovering new places.  Since then I’ve travelled to 15 countries, with family, friends and by myself.

I think that’s a respectable amount of countries, considering I’m only 26. And the thing is, I’m always planning where I’m going to go next. So, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice to have a record of all my travels in one place?  Thus I had no choice but to create this website, to document past and future travels.

Any trips that happened before Nashville (August 2016) are based on my memories and whatever pictures I can find (it’s actually really great remembering all the places I’ve been and good times that I’ve had). But I’m most excited for the fun that’s on its way.

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Lying on the glass floor of the CN Tower at age 10.  This is generally how I feel when travelling; exhilarated and terrified.