After a many hour flight delay last night, only to find the express train in London had closed, we eventually made it to Ashley’s apartment at around 3am.  So we were exhausted this morning!  But with limited time before I had to leave for home we still wanted to fit in as much as possible.

So we went to the west end, and got matinee tickets to School of Rock! Ash had seen is many times before and raved about it, as did my family in Malta, so I knew I had to see it.  One, it was fantastic, and two, they let us take pictures of them at the end like we were at a real concert.  SO MUCH FUN.

And because we were in the theatre district, I also got to check out where I’d be in just a few short days … woo!!!!


And we also went to the House of MinaLima, which is the design team behind the Harry Potter films.  They have showrooms featuring all the graphic art they’ve designed for the films, which you can also purchase.  Usually you can just walk in yourself, but apparently on Mondays they do guided tours, so we got to learn some behind the scenes knowledge which was kinda cool.

And then we were wiped! So off we went to the apartment for an early night of binge watching, in preparation for a longer day out for me tomorrow.

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