We arrived in Munich last night, and prepared ourselves for 24 hours in the city!

We started with a walking tour, that was a good overview.  The olympics were held in the city shortly after the war, and 90% of the city had been destroyed.  So a lot of the buildings were built as quickly as possible and then had the architectural detail painted on, which I thought was interesting.  We also learnt a lot about the founding of the city, and the importance of beer and breweries, but I’ll leave you to discover more about that when you go there yourself!

The tour ended in the gorgeous English gardens, so that’s where we wandered for the next little bit.

After lunch I decided to make myself comfortable in the gardens and relax (ie read a book), and Zoe head off to do a tour about Hitler in Munich.  We met up for an authentic beer garden dinner and drink, and got ready to move on in the morning.


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