We arrived in Prague yesterday afternoon after a 4 hour bus ride, and after checking in to our authentic Czech airbnb we headed towards Prague Castle – the largest castle complex in the world! It’s located up on a hill so we had great views over the city.

We started with a visit to St. Vitus Cathedral, which had the most beautiful stained glass windows.

Next we checked out the Old Royal Palace. The painted coat of arms on the walls and ceilings of one section of the palace were my absolute favourite – I would have taken more photos but apparently you aren’t supposed to photograph that section.

We went through the story of Prague Castle, which includes artifacts from different periods of when the castle was lived in.

The next part of the castle complex was St. George’s Basilica, the oldest church in the Czech Republic.

We went through the Rosenburg Palace which featured more royal artifacts.

Our last stop in the castle complex was Golden Lane – an eclectic lane of brightly painted stores and armory museums.

From here we slowly made our way down the hill, past Prague’s oldest winery and meandered through the beautiful streets. Fact: those macarons at the end of the pictures? They are filled with the most delicious gelato and I could live on them forever.

We found ourselves at the gorgeous Charles Bridge, and it wasn’t as full as we expected it to be which was a pleasant surprise.

From here we made our way to the Old Town, featuring the most beautiful buildings and the world’s oldest working astrological clock.

And that was it for day one because we were exhausted! After 3 days with over 30,000 steps walked we needed a little break.

But today we were up and at it again! We started the day with a 3 hour walking tour – and we were leaving for Munich that afternoon so there wouldn’t be too much more we can fit in.

The walking tour took us mostly through the same areas we walked, so I didn’t take many photos.  What we did get was a great overview of Czech (and Prague) history.  But you can’t expect me to remember it all so I guess you’ll have to make it to Prague to learn about it yourself.

What was new for us was visiting the Jewish Quarter and learning about that part of Prague history was so interesting.  There’s a few synagogues I’d like to check out in the future, alone with the Jewish Cemetery.  I really loved my day in Prague and would love to spend more time here in the future, so I’ll add those to my list of things to see when I come back one day.


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