I met my friend Zoe in Vienna yesterday! It was a long flight from Toronto for her, and an early flight from Malta for me, so we were both pretty tired and also very excited to begin our trip together!

By the time we got settled in our airbnb it was later in the afternoon and we just decided to walk around the city and familiarize ourselves with some of the local sites and check out the naschmarkt.

We started today with a visit to the Schonbronn Palace – the summer palace for the Austrian royal family.  It reminded us both a bit of Versailles, with a grand palace and huge gardens in the back, and both the inside and outside was lovely to walk through.  We spent many hours here this morning/afternoon.

From here we headed into Vienna’s city center and took a stroll with no real destination in mind. The buildings are astonishingly beautiful and there are statues on the top of a vast majority of them.

We found my favourite spot of the day just by accident – the national library.

And we had heard that the buildings are all lit up at night, so we stayed out til the sunset to see the lights on the buildings.

It was all very dramatic and I regret how full I was because we walked by MANY delicious gelato stalls that I would have loved to try.

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