On Monday I started my day with a visit to Marsaxlokk, the fishing area in Malta where you can find traditional colourful boats.

From there I went to Valletta to see a few of the things I missed that my cousin David told me to see.  This included the archeological museum.  Normally in museums you’ll find artifacts from all over the world but it’s cool in Malta that you’ll only find things in museums that were actually found here.

From here I went to see Malta 5D, a 5D (yes 5D) movie about the history of Malta that includes a 3D movie, chair that moves, and actual mist when it rains on screen.  Pretty much like a roller coaster, but still very interesting.

Then I caught the ferry back to Sliema for a different view of Valletta.

On Tuesday I started with a visit to the Hagar Qim and Mnjadra temples.  Built in megalithic times (about 3600 to 3200 BC), it is thought that they were built to observe the equinoxes.  I’ve seen temples like this before, Newgrange in Ireland, and Stonehenge), and while these two should compare, I feel like the fabric covering which prevents further deterioration takes away from the gloriousness of these buildings.  But it does preserve them for future generations, so pros and cons I guess.

First was Hagar Qim, which features one of the largest single blocks found in any temple in Malta (it weighs about 20 tonnes and is 6.4m long).

Then you have a beautiful coastal view as you walk to the Mnjandra temple.

And the temple itself.

The coast was so beautiful on the way down, I decided to spend a little more time exploring the area before departing for Mdina.

With a little more time in Mdina, I took it slow.  I walked around, went to the Cathedral, and went back to Fontanellas for another milkshake and another look at the gorgeous view.

The Mdina glass factory was on my way back to the hostel so I absolutely had to stop in craft village.  I meant to take some pictures of them making the glass, but I got to distracted watching them.  Watching people work glass is like magic to me, especially because I’ve tried it and know how hard it is.  But here’s a picture of the beautiful garden path that connects all the different craft factories.


That was it for me for Tuesday! And Wednesday I did even less! I went to my aunt and uncle’s around lunch, stopped by Mosta Church to finally see it again, then went back to the family’s house to make dinner plans for Friday.

Tomorrow was going to be an actual full day out though.

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