My cousin David picked me up this morning, and took me to the catacombs in Mdina.  The original capital, it’s a walled city, and the entire underground is filled with these catacombs (pagan and christian), so they can never develop this city any further.

It was great going around with David, because he’s really into history and was able to explain a lot more than I would have picked up just by reading.

From here we went to the Roman Villa, which has a beautiful perfectly preserved mosaic floor.

And then we went to the best restaurant in Mdina, Fontanella’s, which has an amazing view. Apparently on a clear day you can see the lights on Sicily.


We ended up back at his mom and dad’s house in Mosta, and from there I headed to get some pastizzi in Mosta Square before going back to my hostel for a break.


And this evening I took a nice walk along the water in Sliema, right beside where I’m staying. They have a beautiful well-maintained walking path right beside the water, which is just lovely.

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