I flew to Malta early this morning, and I’m not going to lie, I don’t plan on doing very much this week!  It will be a good mix of family time and sightseeing, and since I’ve been here twice before as a kid, I’m just using this trip as a little refresher.  After this I’m meeting with friends for my last 3 weeks so I’m expecting those days to be much fuller.  Thus, this is my last week of total relaxation, haha.

I got in on Friday, enjoyed the beautiful view from my hostel in Balluta Bay (in Saint Julian’s right beside Sliema), and went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house to catch up. A few of my cousins came over (Joanne, her husband Noel, and their kids Rebekka and Daniel) which was so lovely.


On Saturday I spent the morning in Valletta, the capital city. I love the arhictecture and narrow, winding streets.  This country is the perfect place to just go for a walk with no destination.

Except in this case I did have a destination – the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

From here I went to St. John’s Co-Cathedral, which features two original Caravaggio that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures off.  But the detail in this cathedral is so amazing, that even the pictures I did take don’t do it justice.

And then I slowly made my way down to the Lower Barrakka Gardens.

I did a little more exploring in Valletta.

And then I headed back to Mosta to my Aunt and Uncle’s, as I was staying with Joanne’s family tonight.  I wish I took a picture with everyone, but I wasn’t thinking of it at the time. What I do have is some gorgeous flowers my Aunt Esther is growing.

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