Cinque Terre

Today I went the opposite direction to check out the remaining three villages: Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare.

Though the weather was better, I had still decided to take the train and not do any of the hikes between towns, as I wasn’t feeling any better.

I started in the next village over Corniglia.  This is the only one not situated by the coast, but instead up on top of a cliff.  Thankfully my train ticket also came with a local bus ticket, so I drove up.

Next up was Vernazza, which I found to be the busiest.  It wasn’t the biggest, but there was a market taking up lots of street space so it felt the most cramped to me.  But I did get some delicious fresh oranges from the market so I’m glad it was still there.

Monterosso al Mare was the biggest of all (I’d say it’s even a town!).  It’s also the only one of the five with a beach, but it still looked too cold for me to enjoy it.

And then I was back in Manarola for the rest of my last day here.


It was so beautiful here, and they have so much locally made products that I would like to come back.  I really wanted to take the ferry back from Monterosso, but the sea was too rough.  So next time I’ll hike one way and ferry the other 🙂

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