Siem Reap

Today I decided to tackle some temples on my own (well, with my driver’s help). I started at Banteay Srei, known for its beautiful carvings. One of the farthest temples, it’s well worth a visit!

From there I went to East Mebon, which was my favourite of the day. I left pretty early in the morning, which was nice, because it meant the temples were still not that full by the time I arrived.

Next up is Ta Som.  While I exploring I heard thunder and so this temple visit was cut short.  I made it to the tuk tuk just before the rain started to pour!

From here we moved to Neak Poan.  My guide actually told me about this one yesterday.  The temple is made of 5 pools. There are 4 pools, one for each elements (air, water, earth, fire), all of which are connected to the pool in the middle.

The last temple was Preah Khan.  It had stopped raining at this point, however, the floor inside the temple is not even so I was stopped by large puddles a few times and decided not to go further.  It was a long ways to where I could see people past the puddles, and I expected to find more and more in the ruins.

But the best part of my whole Cambodia trip was seeing the Phare Circus.  All performed by Cambodians, this is their cirque du soleil and it was great!

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