On my second day in Singapore, I headed to the city’s other famous gardens – Gardens by the Bay.

There are two (air-conditioned!) domes where I spent most of my time.  The first was the flower dome, and featured an amazing tulip collection.

The second dome simulated a cloud forest environment. You also got to walk across footpaths 6 levels above the ground so that was certainly fun.

I’m sure you noticed this building in some of the previous pictures.


That is Marina Bay Sands Resort, and my next destination! They have a SkyPark on the 58th floor that you can go to, but I decided to have lunch on the 57th floor instead, and get the view from there.

And then I got up close and personal with some of the buildings I saw from above as I slowly made my way to the nearby Bugis Street Market in search of more shorts (my pair is falling apart and it’s too hot to wear anything else!).

While my search at the market was unsuccessful, it was a cool experience.  I walked through 5 stories packed full of clothing, shoe and accessory booths. Every time I thought I saw an exit it was another escalator going to yet another floor up! I ended up having to go to the mall across the street to complete my task, but the market was really cool.

Here’s some slightly better photos of the Park Royal Hotel.

From here I had a short break in the hostel, before heading back to the gardens by the bay for dinner and their nightly lights show.

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