Janetta has a friend in Sydney who is from Singapore, so she very helpfully connected us so I could get advice from a local.

I started my first day with a visit to the Botanic Gardens. I’ve been to a lot of gardens in my travels, but these ones were the best!  They were also the most well-attended, but it never felt crowded.  We were all taking our time and enjoying the gardens together.

There’s an orchid garden in the botanic garden, so that was a good mid-way point for my time in the gardens. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a horribly plant photographer, but you can’t say I don’t try!

From there I was back in the main gardens, slowly making my way to the opposite side of where I entered.

I spent a good three hours exploring the gardens.  When I started around 9, it was very humid but not hot, and I thought I’d be able to handle it just fine.  Then 10 came around with the sun and I was boiling!  The exit I used from the gardens was attached to a metro station, so I was very pleased to be in air condition!  The metro itself reminds me a lot of London (and not just because of the many transit lines).  I’ll take a picture of the metro map, but here’s one of the stations.


I made my way to Tiong Bahru area, which was sold to me as the more hipster area.  It was very strange walking through these streets and finding amazing home stores and bakeries like I would back home. I had to take a break after this – I was spoiled by 20 degree weather in Adelaide and Sydney and the heat was making me tired (plus jetlag).  So after a nice rest at the hostel, I got back out to explore some more!

This time I headed into the downtown core.

I also made sure to stop by the National Gallery.  I’m not so much a fan that I’ll pay to go in an art gallery, however you could go to the rooftop garden for free and get some great views of the city.

I had enough energy left that I decided to walk to Chinatown.  On the way I passed some really great ways they’ve incorporated greenery into the city itself (pictures aren’t great but I’ll try again in the days to come).

Chinatown was fun! I didn’t purchase anything, but it was nice to see the lanterns hanging on many of the streets.

My last stop was dinner.  Many people had told me to go to the Maxwell Hawker Center.  Hawker centers are basically like the food building at the CNE – there are many booths filling the outside of an open-air building with communal tables in the middle.  It was good and affordable – two of my favourite travelling words.


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