When I arrived in Sydney from Adelaide, I went to my most favourite spot – Circular Quay feat. the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.


Janetta and I met for one last dinner, and other than that it was a low key day.  I was saving all my excitement for my second day! The only thing I had left on my Sydney bucket list was to complete the Congee to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk, a coastal cliff walk spanning about 6km.

I picked the perfect time to do it – there was a breeze and the sun was only shining directly on me for a few small parts.  I can’t imagine doing the walk in the middle of summer! You can start at Bondi or Congee beach, but after speaking with Sydney friends, I decided I’d start at Congee.

Next up was Gordon’s Bay.

The trail continued to Clovelly Beach, which even had it’s own little swimming pool.

The next part of the path was damaged by storms in June 2016, so it now detours through Waverly Cemetery, perhaps the most stunning cemetery I’ve ever seen.

And then we were back to beaches, starting with Bronte Beach.

Tamarama Beach was next.

It touched briefly on Mackenzies Bay.

And then I arrived in Bondi Beach and the Icebergs pool (which was being overrun by the ocean)!  It was hard to believe this was the same beach that was completely covered by people in January, but I guess only the hardcore beach fans are out in the fall.

On my last day in Sydney I intended to go see an opera!  However, the only one on was playing in an uncovered outdoor theatre and it was raining.  So I had an early night in preparation for my flight tomorrow instead.


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