Kings Canyon

Our last day in the outback definitely felt the longest! We woke up at 4 am, and got to Kings Canyon at 6 am. The plan was to hike the canyon, which is about 6 km/3.5 hours.  Because of the heat, the track closes at 10, so we had to get an early start.

When we started I didn’t know if I’d make it, because the hardest part is conveniently at the beginning, but once you make it past the accurately named ‘steep climb’ it gets much easier.  We started before sun rise, meaning we had a wonderful view of the sun rise from the canyon itself around 7.

The next quarter of the hike continued along the canyon.

The half way point is the Garden of Eden.

The last half was all downhill so when a lot quicker! It stayed along the canyon for a little, and then moved inwards and offered new terrain and new views.

By the time we finished I felt like a full day had passed, since we started so early!  We slowly started making our way back to Alice Springs, but we had one last stop – a camel ride!

Australia has the largest population of wild camels in the world.  It’s the perfect temperature for them, and the outback has plenty of trees for them to rest under. We had a quick camel ride around a short field, but as I’ve never ridden a horse or other animal I decided I had to give this a try.  We walked up one end and ran down the other, and I swear it felt like a roller coaster ride.

We got back to Alice Springs around 5 and I was excited to go see some of the shops, as I hadn’t had time before we left.  However, it’s Sunday so everything closed early. The shopping area did seem lovely though, with the trees all lit up at night.


I’m off to Adelaide tomorrow, and looking forward for some cooler weather!

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