Ayers Rock

I had been excited to explore Australia’s red center for some time! I purposefully put it towards the end of my time in Australia in hopes for cooler weather.  Usually at this time of the year its 25 degrees, but we got lucky and it was 41.  It’s not humid but when it’s that hot I still can’t handle it.

Our day today focused around Ayers Rock (also known as Uluru), a large rock in the middle of the outback. The land belongs to the Aboriginal people, who have many stories about it.  Our guide told us some, but I actually got heat exhaustion today, so most of the stories went in one ear and out the other.  It was pretty cool to see though, on the flat landscape.


We went on a 45 minute walk around part of the base (which is where I was first sick, which was lots of fun).

Thankfully our camp had a very cold pool, so that helped cool us off before we prepared dinner.  Our camp had a great lookout over Ayers Rock and the Olgas, so we headed up there for sunset.  The wonderful thing is that we were the only group there – everyone else heads to where we started at Uluru this morning.  We watched the cars drive back once the sun went down, and there were so many! It would have been so crowded, whereas we just had the 22 of us enjoying the space.

And that was day one! I wish I had a picture of our camping gear, but of course we only had it out when it was dark.  Because we didn’t sleep in tents, instead we used swags. Basically it is a sleeping bag for your sleeping bag, with a thin mattress inside. Your head is out in the air.  Thankfully I was so tired from being sick, that I fell asleep no issue, and didn’t worry about the spiders, snakes or scorpions that could come by when I was sleeping and kill me.

Here’s the promotional picture of the swag, to give you an idea.



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