Darwin to Alice Springs


My next two days were spent travelling 1500 kms through the outback, to get to the second largest city in the Northern Territory, Alice Springs.  We did have some stops along the way, but there was also a lot of time spent sitting (sleeping) in the bus.

Our first stop was at Katherine Gorge National Park, where we got to go swimming in a dam.

Next up was Mataranka Thermal Pool.  Usually this is the swimming spot for day one, however the river behind the pools has flooded and there’s a freshwater croc who lives in the river.  The freshwater crocs will leave you alone unless provoked, however, it’s very large and often gets mistaken for a saltwater one, so the pools are always closed when the river floods.  It’s too bad, because it looked beautiful!

We stopped in Daly Waters for the night, an averaged size small town in the Outback with a total population of 8. We were up quite early the next day, in order to get a view of the sunrise.


Here’s a road sign you won’t find in Canada!


After the sunrise, we stopped at Mary Anne Dam, the largest swimming area where you don’t have to watch out for crocs!

And the main attraction, for the whole 1500 kms, was the Devils Marbles.

Wycliffe Well is where the most UFO sightings have happened in Australia, and the road house there really runs with the theme.

Our final stop before arriving in Alice Springs was to check out the Tropic of Capricorn, one of the major latitude lines.


It was so nice to get out of the car, but it was 41 degrees in Alice Springs, so I still didn’t want to be outside.

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