Fitzroy Island

For my last day in Cairns, I decided to get back on the water and have one last go at the reef.  I took a ferry to Fitzroy Island and got snorkeling right away.  Unfortunately this beach was made of rocks and shells, so it was a lot more uncomfortable to actually get to the water.

The corals were really nice here, but the visibility wasn’t the same as in the open waters.

From here I went on to do a glass bottom boat tour, where we spotted more turtles!

Finally I saw myself down in the restaurant and enjoyed this view.


There are two boats which take you here, a regular one and a speed boat.  I took the regular one to the island, but hopped on the speed boat back, and it was the highlight of the day!

And this ended my time in Queensland! All in all, I got to see a lot of different things over the last 3 weeks (and no large spiders or bugs in any of my rooms!), and I’m really happy with how this time was spent.  Now on to the Northern Territory!

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