Atherton Tablelands

Back in Byron Bay I stopped by a travel agency to help books some tours in Cairns. I choose this particular tour because it was inexpensive compared to the rest and who doesn’t like waterfalls. But I didn’t have very high expectations. To my surprise, this was one of my favourite tours of all!

We started with a visit to Lake Eacham.  You can swim in this lake, but it was a bit too early in the morning for my to go for a swim.

We went for a hike at Malanda Environemental Park to go turtle and platypus searching.  And boy did we find them!  I couldn’t get a good picture of the platypus, but it was super cool (and much smaller than I expected).

Next stop, a giant Curtain Fig Tree.

We stopped by our first little waterfall.


Before we headed to the much larger Millaa Milla Falls.

We had another waterfall stop next, Josephine Falls. There’s a mostly flat rock that the water goes over, creating a natural slide.  So of course we all had to give it a try.

Our last stop of the day, Babinda Boulders, provided the most gorgeous hike and view.

It was a seriously perfect day.

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