Fraser Island

I spent the last two days on Fraser Island (the world’s largest sand island), and had a phenomenal time – 1) I was on a tour and didn’t have to plan a single thing, and 2) it’s a gorgeous island with so many things to do and beautiful things to see.

Our first stop on Fraser Island was Lake Mackenzie.  This is the clearest lake I’ve ever seen, with sand so fine we were all using it to exfoliate.

Next we did a rainforest walk – who would have thought a rainforest could grow on a sand island!

Our last stop on Day 1 was to Lake Wabby, which unfortunately included a 50 minute walk each way on very soft sand.  The views, and lake, were worth it though! There were little fish in the lake, so if you stayed still you’d get a free pedicure for sure.

Fraser Island has a 75-mile beach, which is where we spent most of Day 2. We started at the far end of the beach, at the Champagne Pools, the only saltwater lake you can swim in on the island. The swell was quite high today, so the usually calm waters were not so calm.

Next up was a short hike up to Indian Head.  It was a pretty overcast day, and the ocean was rough, but the view was still nice.  But on a clear and calm day, you can apparently see sharks and manta rays and fish in the water.  So I guess I’ll just need to come back here another time.

We had a not-so-little visitor at lunch.


And then headed back to the beach to see the Pinnacle.  Apparently there are 72 different colours on these rocks.

One of the coolest parts of the trip was seeing the SS Maheno shipwreck!  The ship was washed ashore by a cyclone in 1935 where it has slowly been disintegrating.

Our last stop was at Eli Creek. A freshwater creek you can drink from, if you walk to the end of the creek you can float all the way down and it was great fun!

Fraser Island is known for having lots of dingoes (about 150), but we hadn’t seen any so far.  I had just accepted that I wouldn’t see any, but we pulled into the resort before leaving the island, and there one was!! The windows were filthy, so the picture isn’t the greatest, but I’m still glad I got to see a dingo in the wild.


Obviously its an island so we have to ferry to the mainland, which provided one last chance to see the island.

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