From Queenstown we made our way down to Dunedin.  I must say, it was much nicer driving than taking the bus. We arrived in the afternoon, walked around the museum, then explored around the University of Otago.

The last time I was here, mom and I were freezing cold, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it actually felt like summer this time around.

Today we went down to the train station to take another of New Zealand’s great train journeys – the Taieri Gorge Railway.  100% a tourist train, it takes you through the gorge and back to Dunedin in about 4 hours. I stood outside on the viewing platform on the way there which was good, as it did start to rain on our way back to Dunedin.

And the train station itself was gorgeous as well!


Our next stop in Dunedin was the Cadbury Factory! I learned from last time and prebooked our tour.  We weren’t allowed to take any pictures, but I can guarantee we were all chocolated out by the end.


As this was Janetta’s first time here we did walk around the octagon and take in a few more sites before resting up for our long drive tomorrow.

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