Milford Sound

Milford Sound is the only thing I’m repeating this time around.  I’ve managed to find new things to do in each place I’ve visited with Janetta that I went to with my mom, but Milford Sound is so beautiful I had no problems going there again.

We stopped at Mirror Lake, and it was still glorious.

We stopped at this stream last time but it was pouring rain and there were kea birds around that were more interesting at the time.  So it was nice to get to actually enjoy the view this time.

And then we made it to Milford Sound itself.  Last time I spent the full 2 hour cruise taking pictures, so it was nice to just sit and relax and enjoy the view, knowing that I’d seen it already.  Last time it was pouring rain, whereas today it was beautiful and sunny, so the experiences were quite different. Last time there were waterfalls everywhere, but this time more seals were out and I wasn’t freezing cold.  Pros and cons to each.

We rejigged our plans, so we’re moving on to Dunedin tomorrow. We have three spots left, with 2 days in each.  Hard to believe I only have one more week in New Zealand!

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