The sun set just after we arrived in Nelson last night, so I was excited to see a bit of Nelson before we moved on today. Turns out, it is just lovely (and one of my favourite places). I suggested we go to the Centre of New Zealand, so we made our way over, only to discover it was a hill we had to climb. I was about to turn around and say no, as my legs only just stopped hurting this morning, but the family who arrived with us encouraged us to do it with them. So we did. And my legs hurt, but the views were lovely.

We started making our way into town when we came across a lovely garden, that just called to us. Featuring a bridge, rose garden and water wheel, it was so lovely that we treated ourselves to brunch at the cafe overlooking the garden just to spend a little more time there.

When we got into town, we went to see the jeweler that created the One Ring for the LOTR movies. They had 5 giant rings for various shots, and we got to see one of them. It’s really really really big, and I didn’t dare ask about holding it, as it took two rounds of inquiry for them to even bring it out for us to see.

Next up was a small walk through town as we headed towards the weekly Wednesday Farmer’s Market , where we got some fresh fruit and vegetables for a great price! Veggies from grocery stores are pretty expensive so it was nice to stock up and have the opportunity to get some greens and colour into our meals.

And then we had to move on to our next stop, Motueka. Only 45 minutes away, Motueka put us a little closer to Abel Tasman National Park, which is where we plan to spend tomorrow (with a boat cruise and hike), and the less driving we need to do the better! It’s a nice little town with a large lake, so we walked along the lake for a bit (and got some lovely real fruit ice creams to keep us company).

The hostel had a bunch of animals (cats and dogs, with horses next door), and this little one Poppy decided to keep me warm throughout the night.


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