Cape Reinga & The 90 Mile Beach

Today as a full 12 hour day, as I went to New Zealand’s northernmost point, Cape Reinga.  But it’s quite a long drive, so we made a few stops along the way.

The first was to the 90 mile beach, which we drove along as it is an official highway.  Officially only 60 miles long, it’s continued to be called the 90 mile beach so it appears to be longer than Australia’s 80 mile one.

We saw some wild horses in fields along the road.  They reckon there’s about 300 of them roaming around here.


And then we reached Cape Reinga, the northernmost point in New Zealand.

There’s massive sand dunes nearby, so we went there to see if anyone wanted to sled down them.  I choose not too (you had to go barefoot and the sand was very hot and the wait long, and it was too hot to climb the sand dune to go down, and I just don’t like sand), but it was amusing to watch others do it.


We had some fish & chips from the “World Famous Mangonui Fish Shop” for a late lunch/early dinner.  It wasn’t the best fish I’d had, but wasn’t the worst either.

Our final stop was one more kauri forest, Managinangina. A public walkway was built when the queen decided she wanted to go to this specific kauri forest on one of her visits.

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