I’ve been hanging out in Sydney for the past few days and its been hot!  I did leave Janetta’s apartment to do some exploring, but you just can’t stand to be outside for too long in this 40 degree weather.  So I’ve also spent lots of time in air-conditioned malls and movie theaters.

My first outing was to get some pastizzis, a maltese treat that reminded me of home. The flavours were different, but it was still a nice treat.

I also walked around the royal botanic gardens which were just lovely, and provided amazing views of the opera house and bridge

There was a nice Chinese New Year display near the opera house.  I especially appreciate the Year of the Rooster, as it’s my mom’s year.”Honest, energetic and intelligent, the flamboyant Rooster is confident and not afraid of hard work”.


My friend Zoe (currently in Toronto) found a fancy ice cream place in Sydney that I had to check out.  Gorgeous and delicious 🙂

I’m off to New Zealand on the 1st for a month, so the rest of my time in Sydney has been spent resting, reading and relaxing.

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