Hobart & Upcoming Plans

First impressions – I love Tasmania, as I expected I would.  It reminds me very much of New Zealand, but with slightly bigger cities.  I’m so excited to spend a bit more time here.

I flew from Melbourne to Hobart, which is where I’m basing myself for the next 4 days.  There’s a lot of things I want to do here, and not much time, so I’ve really packed these days in.  I’m very seriously considering another week here later on, so we’ll see how those plans proceed.

I got to my hostel at 1 pm, and caught a bus at 1:30 to take me to the top of Mount Wellington.  At 1,200 feet above sea level, it’s not the highest mountain in Hobart, but it does provide the best views of the city and surrounding countryside.

We got back to the city around 3:30, and I thought I’d see what the hours were for the Museum of New and Old Art (MONA).  Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) I spoke to who had been to Tasmania said I had to go to MONA.  You either love it or you hate it, but regardless of your feelings it’s definitely an experience.  I lucked out, and was able to grab the 3:30 ferry there and the last one back at 6. I really wasn’t sure what to expect – and I knew there was a ferry component but I hadn’t realized you had to take it to get to the museum.

I loved it, but I can totally see why some people wouldn’t, and why they may find certain displays offensive even.  It’s a huge space, 3 massive floors that are divided into lots of little display areas and maze like corners.  I started taking pictures, but realized my pictures wouldn’t tell the story of what this place is really like.   You’ll just have to go yourself if you ever find yourself in Hobart.

Here’s the boat ride up (the most comfortable seats you’ll ever find on a boat!):

Here’s just a few of the exhibitions I favoured, as well as a bit of the grounds outside. I tend to be drawn to the more illusionary pieces, but there were all kinds of stuff (including machines you feed which then poo.  It’s a weird and wonderful place).

When we got back to Hobart, I treated myself to dinner (it’s my 1 month travelling anniversary), and settled into the hostel to figure out my next plans.

This is all very tentative still, but here’s what I’m figuring for March onwards (when I’m back from New Zealand):

3 weeks in Queensland
1 week in Darwin/the outback
1 week in Adelaide & Kangaroo Island
1 week in Tasmania

That brings me to the second week in April, which I think may be my departure time.  I was originally going to try and fit in a week to Fiji, but I think it’s over my budget, so instead I think I’ll come back to Tassy and do a 5 day tour around Tasmania.

After Tasmania, I’ll do a few days in Sydney, then move on to South-East Asia for 2 weeks.  Before I left everyone told me how wonderful Thailand is, and that’s all I’ve heard from the people I’ve met here, so I think I need to give it a try.

From there I’ll move on to 3 weeks in Europe alone, before meeting Zoe in Greece over the May long weekend, and Ashley in Austria at the beginning of June.  By June 10 I’ll be in London with Ashley for a few weeks, before returning home around the 23rd.

Nothing has been booked, and I’ve been constantly rearranging my plans every second day, so this has potential to change.  But I’m feeling pretty positive about it right now. Time will tell!

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