My time in Melbourne literally flew by! When planning, I thought 7 days would be too much, but it’s given me an opportunity to take it slow and explore the city at my own pace.  I am sad to be leaving tomorrow though, because it’s my favourite place in Australia so far.

I spent the day exploring some of the various communities around the city, including Fitzroy, hipster capital of the world.  I was on the lookout for the elusive hipster walking their plant (apparently a thing they do here!), but my wildlife luck seems to have dried up.

The important thing for you guys to know is that I got some really delicious gelato today – macademia crunch and salted coconut & mango.  It was so difficult to choose though, so I recruited a few friends and my parents to help me decide (I’m not joking).

I spent some time in the old exhibition center grounds, which were just lovely, until it got to hot to be outside anymore.

I’d be more upset to be leaving Melbourne if I wasn’t heading to Tasmania tomorrow.  I’ve been excited about going to Tasmania since I started planning this trip back in May, so I’m incredibly excited for this next bit of the journey

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