The Australian Open

People at work really like tennis, so I decided to come to Melbourne while the Australian Open was on.  I purchased a grounds pass back in October, but of course, today was the one day it rained!

I was concerned that it would be cancelled, but the grounds pass includes one covered stadium, so at least I’d be able to see a few matches. Doors open at 10, but I was up early, so I went down at 8:30 to see what was up. Turned out people were already in line!

Since we were in line for 1.5 hours (in the rain), I started chatting with the people around me.  There were two ladies in front of me from Sydney, who come down every year for the first week.  They took pity on me when I said this was the first time I was watching tennis, and let me tag along with them for the day. Thankfully Claire had explained how scoring in tennis worked the day before, so I wasn’t completely lost.

The first match of the day was the Women’s Singles – Round 3, between Svetlana Kuznetsova (RUS) and Jelena Jankovic (SRB). It was a long game!  Finishing 3.5 hours later, Svetlana won.  I was interested in the beginning and end, but it got realyl slow in the middle.

About half way through that match they opened the roof, so we knew they were playing on the other outside courts.  However the next match at the Hisense Arena was one where I actually recognized the player’s names so I decided to stay. Most of the people in the stands agreed.


It was the Men’s Singles – Round 3 between Andy Murray (GBR) and Sam Querrey (USA).   I could have gone without all the fans screaming “Go Andy!”, but it was 100% a more exciting match to watch.   Andy won in just 3 sets, but there were some plays by both Andy and Sam that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

There was one more game in this arena, but by this point I’d been watching tennis for 6 hours and needed a rest. I hadn’t realized it this morning because it was raining and we went straight into the arena, but the grounds were huge.  There were massive eating and drinking gardens, 10 outdoor courts, and even a live music stage in addition to the 2 main Arenas.

They actually had Jimmy Eat World playing at the stage tonight. 11-year-old me would have been thrilled by this, so I stayed to watch.


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