I started today off with a 3 hour walking tour, which gave me a good overview of the city.

The tour was comprised of people of all ages, travelling in pairs, couples and groups.  So I started chatting with Claire (from the UK who has been travelling for the past year) and Steph (from California, travelling for the past 2 months).  After the tour, we got some food from a laneway cafe, then hit up Federation Square where they’ve been playing the Australian Open live on a big screen.


I stayed for a bit, and then slowly made my way back to my hostel.

Claire mentioned earlier that you could go to the top of the State Library and get a view of the library from the inside, so I gave it a look. I would be pretty happy to study here, I think.


The reason I left the Federation Square so early, is that I decided to treat myself to an Amanda Palmer concert that night.  While I had never listened to her music, I really enjoyed her book (The Art of Asking), and I think her husband Neil Gaiman is great, so I thought why not do something a little out of the ordinary for me.

It was fantastic! It was 3 hours of just great music, stories and performances.  Neil actually popped in and out, but when he was there he was literally 2 steps away from me.

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