It was a hot day, but I managed to fit a lot in. I started with a visit to parliament.  I know some of you will be going “parliament, really?” but it’s a really lovely building with some really great gardens attached. Make sure you check out the dancing walrus (Canada’s gift to Australia), and the tree tapestry (it looks like a painting but it’s a tapestry and I want it).

From there I grabbed the bus to the National Portrait Gallery.  Free, it’s definitely worth a visit. I took a few snaps of my favourites, but you can spend a good amount of time there looking at all the various portraits.

From there I walked along the water, checked out the international flag display, and went to the country’s national library.

One bus later, I was down by Lake Burley Griffin ready to do an hour boat cruise around the lake.  I had seen most of these sights on land, but it was hot out so I was ready to be on the water for a little bit.

It was a lovely morning and afternoon.  I got back to the hostel around 3, watched some tennis, and made some friends. It’s hot out (like really hot), so I’m going to hit the movies tonight so I don’t spend the rest of the night in the hostel. But all in all I’m really pleased with my time in Canberra, and am excited to move on to Melbourne tomorrow.

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