Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park

After 2 days exploring Sydney, we decided today would be a good day to get out of the city. We booked a small group tour with AAT Kings, and had just the best day.

We got breakfast in the small town of Leura, and because we were running ahead of schedule we had time to stop by the gorgeous viewpoint of Echo Point to see the three sisters.

The legend of the three sisters goes as such: there was a magic man living in the rainforest who had three beautiful teenage daughters.  There was a bunyip (like a troll) also living in the forest, who very much wanted to eat these three sister. One day the magic man had to go away for a conference, and he warned his daughters to not leave their cave or make any noise that would attract the bunyip.  Of course, as soon as he left, the girls started partying outside.  They woke up the bunyip, who decided it was time to eat the girls.  When they saw the bunyip coming, they started to scream, which their father heard.  He came flying back, but by the time he made it the bunyip was just about to start eating.  In order to save his daughters, he grabbed his magic stick and turned them to stone, which was too hard for the troll to eat.  Of course, the bunyip wasn’t happy to have his meal taken away, so he decided to eat the man.  The magic man knew he couldn’t outrun the troll, but found a deep crack in the forest floor where the troll wouldn’t be able to reach him, so he transformed into a lyre bird, and hid in the crack until the bunyip went away.  However, as he flew out of the crack he dropped his magic stick, and was unable to transform himself or his daughters back to their human selves. If you see a lyre bird in the rainforest, it’s the father looking for his magic stick.

From Echo Point we moved on to Scenic World, where we took the world’s steepest railway, cable cars over waterfalls and rainforests, and walked among the tree tops in the rainforest.  Truly a lovely few hours.

Our day wasn’t done yet though! We had a wonderful stop at Featherdale Wilflife Park, which only features Australian animals and lets you get right up close to them.  You could actually buy food and feed the kangaroos and wallabys, and though we chose not to, I still did pet a kangaroo.

After the center we took a lovely 1.5 boat cruise to the city center. The views match those from yesterday, so no new pictures, but it was lovely to see again.

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