After a great time in Queenstown it was time to move on. We got on a bus this morning (one of the first without wifi!), and 5 hours later arrived in Dunedin.

My brother went to university here for a semester 10 years ago, so it has a really special place in his heart.  Mom and I wanted to see that same place that was so special to him.

Unfortunately it was really really cold! You can’t tell in the pictures, with clear blue skies, but it was extremely windy and cold. So we stayed out just long enough to walk through town.

We started at Cadbury World, but we made it too late to grab a tour.  We did get delicious hot drinks though.


The Chinese Gardens were nearby so we decided to check them out.

We moved on to the octagon (i.e. the city center).  It was freezing, so we went inside Otago’s first church to warm up.

There’s a statue of Robbie Burns in the middle of town, so my brother requested a picture of it, and I also grabbed a snap of a parliament building.

Our last stop was to walk around the University of Otago, to see the school my brother studied at.  We tried finding his old house, but it seems they’ve torn it down in the last 10 years. The campus was beautiful, and if it wasn’t so cold out, we would have been happy to stay there for hours.

We’re staying in a hostel tonight, so joining their movie night sounds like the perfect way to end the day.

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