Nashville, Day 4

And in the blink of an eye it was our last day in Nashville!

We treated ourselves to the most wonderful brunch at Husk (highly recommended to me by a respected coworker). We originally had made dinner reservations for Wednesday, but the timing conflicted with the bus tour, so we moved it to Sunday brunch. We had delicious, locally made goodness.

And the rest of the day we just crossed everything else off our list, including a visit to the library. It’s hard to resist big books.


And then after a little rest, we got on a city bus to Hillsboro Village to check out the Bluebird Cafe and Parnassus Books.  I tried reserving a spot at the Bluebird, but was unsuccessful.  But since it was so close to Parnassus Books, we thought we may as well see the outside.


And then it was time for some book browsing.  Parnassus is an awesome bookstore, and if I lived nearby, it would probably become a second home to me. Good job Ann Patchett and team.

After taking the bus back to the city center, we decided to just wander around and see if there’s anything I missed.. We checked out all the stores on Broadway, and wandered up and down the streets in the neighbourhood.  All too suddenly the day was done, and we were packing up and getting ready to come back home in the morning.

This was a fun trip to experience with my mom.  The 5 days we had were more plenty, but meant we could do everything at a slightly slower pace since we had extra time.

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